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  • Euthanasia - Has the UK justifie

    May 18,2016

    In the UK, euthanasia has always been illegal and remains so, under the Suicide Act 1961. Although the UK has held no particular legal positioning for euthanasia, due to the pressing demands of human rights campaigners, the law has been reviewed several times since the enforcement of the Suicide Act. This article explores the issues.

  • Health Tourism: Your Ailment cou

    April 8,2016

    Estimates compiled by the NHS in for 2009/10 reported that health tourism was costing the UK service £2bn ($2.8bn) but other vocal groups estimated that the figure was more likely to be a staggering £12bn ($17bn). Clearly, the UK government had to take action.

  • Why are injections for MMR vital

    April 10,2016

    Vaccines for MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) have contributed to a signification reduction in spread of MMR disease in children of all ages. Since mumps, rubella and measles are among serious infectious conditions that can have potentially fatal complications, including deafness, meningitis and swelling of the brain (encephalitis).

  • Fundamental checklist of things t

    April 10,2016

    Nowadays, we find well-intentioned recommendations to do more exercise and become more active. However, we all know that people of all ages, at some stage of their lives, suffer from injuries during sporting activities and studies are suggesting that more injuries are occurring regularly. In the case of children for example, according to a report by Safekids Worldwide, there were 1.3* million sports injuries in the United States alone.

  • I don’t hear about Dementia in

    April 10,2016

    It’s a no-brainer that a healthy, active mind can prevent the onset of dementia but what about the depreciation of nerves within the brain that cannot be prevented such as hearing loss?

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